Here are moments from a special evening where Aryeh & I played some music for a magical party on New Years eve. It took place just outside of San Diego at my friend Gary Stadlers home. (You may know his wonderful music Fairy Heartsongs, Heart magic and more..I get to play harp on some of his music). We were part of a cute  variety show and I took some various images from that as well as a laser light show that was done outside. The lasers are indescribable. No video or picture could possibly do justice, but I edited in some of those images too. The way we saw it, was facing a forest of trees and the lights were as big as a house. We were literally standing in the middle of it and all the lights and colors surrounded everybody. It was like a dream, of being in the middle of a solar system. The gathering was filled with very special artists, many who create magical events at burning man. The dancer is Danielle Bibeau, the light show by Randy Johnson. The song featured here is from the CD “Two Worlds One” called “Walk with Me”. I hope you enjoy this.

Greetings, This is the latest installment of our show last Saturday with the “Women of Windham Hill” It features behind the scenes fun as well as excerpts from the concert at the Rialto Center at Georgia State University. You will see myself on Celtic Harp, bass and percussion, Liz Story on piano, Barbara Higbie on piano, guitar, violin and voice, and George with flutes and percussion, Sean Harkness on guitar and bass. The songs on here are opening wiht “La Rotta” from my “New Morning” CD, then in the soundcheck and concert you hear “Calling all Angels” I can get you the info on that song if you like. There is also piano works by Liz Story easily found, Sean Harkness on Guitar has a website of his name, we also play “Circle of Joy” by me, “Light and Longing” and ends with “To Be” on a few of Barbara’s CDs.

It was a really nice time as it always is. I hope I captured the feel of what it is like and try to show different things each time. There are a few other videos of the same group in different places if you go back in time on this video blog.
I hope you enjoy this, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…
love, Lisa Lynne

I brought my video camera with me to celebrate voting and decided to keep going all week with it, catching moments of what my life is like. There are images of where I live, places I go, my work in the hospitals, performing with friends, going to Agape,
traveling, and a festival in Florida. I hope you will enjoy this 9 minute whirlwind that happens in just six days.

You will hear music that is live, as well as from recordings. Here are the songs featured in order of appearance.

Lauda – Two Worlds One – Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
Bandora’s Box – Seasons of the Soul by Lisa Lynne
Wake up – by Hudost,
All My Guitars – by Hudost
Welcome – from Seasons of the Soul by Lisa Lynne

Twice a year in Spring and Fall, George and I play at the Mossy Creek festival in Perry, Georgia. Perry is a couple hours drive south of Atlanta, its also south of Macon. So you can say its absolutely.. southern! We have been doing it for years and its one of our favorites because it takes place in a wooded forest and its beautiful there. This year I collected a good sample of what goes on there, in hope you will enjoy how sweet and sincere all the people are, and how much they love music.

This was last week when Echoes Radio invited me and fellow harpist Aryeh Frankfurter to perform pieces from “Two Worlds One” for their worldwide radio show. The host is John Diliberto, who interviewed us and introduced our songs. We recorded two separate shows of six songs each, one show for the “Living Room concert” series and one for the Seasonal show. To be invited is quite an honor.

If you are not familiar with Echoes, I highly recommend it for all lovers of World,folk, new age, ambient, all kinds of special music from incredible artists. John & Echoes has been a great supporter of my music throughout my recording career.
So, this is what a recording session looks like. It was in Glendale, California at Broken Wave Studio. Recorded Sept 23, 2008.


Aryeh Frankfurter and I did a small tour in Los Angeles and San Diego. The Sylvia Woods Harp Center is a long standing mecca of everything harp related. After 16 years of being the biggest harp store in the country, she is closing her doors and becoming a mail order business only. It happens that 95% of the business is mail order anyway, so its really just a logical business move, but for lots of people including ourselves it was quite sentimental and we were honored to play the very last concert there on July 14, 2008.
Here is a peek, its just one tune until I can go through the rest of the footage. Its one of my earliest written pieces called “Luna De Amor” it was originally written for my CD “Moonsongs” where it appeared in about 1996. It was recently re-recorded with Aryeh playing viola and it appears on the newest recording. “Two Worlds One.” I hope you enjoy it. More to come! Lisa

Here is last weekends adventure. George and I traveled to Pennsylvania to join the annual May Day celebration. It took place on an organic farm along the beautiful mountains and forests of Glen Rock in Southern PA. Our friends in the group “Hudost” invited us to join them there, so we played along the path and also on the stage with them. (It was so cute with many families dressing up and enjoying the spring.
Here are some of the moments captured…

Here is the latest installment from the “Women of Windham Hill” shows.
We were in Grand Rapids Wisconsin last week where it was shocking cold.
The people were so nice there though, so it was a fine time.
My leg is doing much better so I am back to traveling again.
The weather is warming up at the beach where I live so I can take walks again.

Hi Friends.. its been awhile since I posted last. Its been so busy with lots of shows and traveling. I also moved to another City in Los Angeles, I live in Marina Del Rey now.. I have always wanted to live on the beach, and I am steps away from big sand, incredible ocean and I walk there every day. I will post some pictures soon.

I have a few new things to post so I’ll get to it. I just finished a couple shows with the Women of Windham Hill, its a wonderful show featuring two recording artists that were on the label early on, and myself. Barbara Higbie is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and Liz Story, a pianist like no other.I am playing mostly harp but get to play a little bass. Backing us up is George Tortorelli who I get to play with all the time, and Sean Harkness an incredible guitarist and recording artist in his own right. Of course we get a lot of mileage out of joking about the “Women of Windham Hill” tour.. its all so fun, we are perpetually doing shows around the year, here and there in clusters. We wont have any shows for a couple of months then suddenly we are all together again like we never parted. We just played in New Jersey and Arizon. This footage comes from Scottsdale Center for the Performing arts near Pheonix. We have such a good time because they are all so funny and people always love the show. Here is just a quick tune called Circle of Joy. I will be putting together some other footage of behind the scenes that will appear here soon also. Thats all for now! love, lisa