Lessons & Workshops

There are a few options for private lessons.

Because I travel so much, I’m not able to teach regular lessons however I can always be available for a couple of private lessons tailored to your needs in the San Francisco or Los Angeles area. Beyond that there is the option of using Skype for live online lessons where we talk and play back and forth on our computer screens.

I specialize in starting people off with the harp, and teaching improvisation skills. Once we have had a few lessons if you wish to continue beyond that  I can recommend a teacher in their area that can be consistent with lessons weekly or bi-monthly. I can do Skype lessons more regularly since that can happen from anywhere as long as I have Internet access.

 I also teach workshops for groups for harpists at every level, as well as generalized business guidence for musicians.(Topics below). I can provide harps for a group. A group of friends sometimes learn together for a small group lesson.

Once in awhile if I am visiting an area a local harp teacher will set up a couple of days for her students to come and have another opportunity for private lessons, feedback and encouragement. I also record the whole lesson and give it to you on a CD or .mp3 file.

Below are the group workshop topics that I offer.

If you have questions please email me, Lisa@LisaLynne.com

Workshops offered;

Hands-on-Harps for beginners

Hands-on-Harps workshops are a unique interactive experience. Participants will hear a Celtic Harp concert and have a chance to make their own beautiful music on the harps. There is no musical experience needed to enjoy this uplifting and inspiring experience. Up to 15 harps are provided.

Creating Music for Therapeutic Settings

This workshop explores the harp and harpist as agents of healing in hospitals. Covered are various opportunities for therapeutic harp training as well as creating opportunities, approaching hospitals, and the music itself. For this kind of work we will explore the art of improvising in any key and learn some favored chord progressions for this type of work.

Playing by Ear and Composing

We will learn how you can free yourself from the written page, and understand chord progressions and keys that will always work for improvisation. We will learn how to read and write a simple chord chart, transpose a tune on the spot, learn a song by ear, communicate with other musicians and take a solo in any key. We will learn one or two of my compositions as I share how each was created.

Getting Your Music Out Into The World:

We will discuss many aspects of the current music business landscape. Getting gigs, promoting your music, creating visuals, writing a press release, websites, blogging and navigating the social networks. Learn what it takes to share your music in unique venues you might have never thought of. Real world advice and open forum on how you can think outside the box and maximize your opportunities. You will come away with many new ideas on how to get involved in your community and expand your musical horizons.

Playing live and butterflies – Performing with confidence

No matter what the situation is, we all experience physical sensations of nervousness when it comes to performing in front of people. No matter if you are onstage, at a wedding or playing background music, this workshop will explore what that is, why it happens, and what we can do about it. We will share stories and experiences of stage freight and success and find out what it takes to rise above the nerves and give your best performance every time.

Live Your Dream

Multi-media performance weaving live music and unique life  stories to inspire and motivate.  This  workshop will define and clarify your goals and create step by step plans to make them a reality.