Mosaic Workshops with Lisa Lynne

You can learn to make beautiful glass and tile mosaics on a scenic outdoor art deck. Each months workshops will introduce a new aspect or skill so those who have taken before will have something new to create. Beginners will have several basic projects to choose from. Flower pot, picture frame, hanging mirror, garden stone and more. Then you can learn the new skill of “Glass on glass” mosiacs by using transparent colored glass on clear glass backing for candle holders, window frames or sun catchers. (photos below)

This series allows you an opportunity to sign up for as many dates as you wish and pay as you go $15 for each two-hour workshop. Basic glass, tiles, tools and adhesives are provided as well as a selection of projects to choose. There will be additional special jewelry pieces or gem stones available for purchase to include in your projects. You are welcome to bring your own special materials to include and personalize your project as well. Most projects are small to medium sized so you can complete them in the amount of time you have. If you want to do a larger item like a night-stand sized table top there may be additional cost for the extra stained glass you’ll need for it.

Please email me at to let me know your date choices. Space is limited but we will be flexible as needed. If the temperature is going to be above 90 I will offer an alternate date. All workshops are 4 to 6PM – There are eight available dates for September so you can choose from these what you’d like to attend. If you would just like to try a couple and decide as you go, you can do that as long as there is still space. So far its been full for most dates offered. There are eight tables/spaces available for each date.

Sept 2 / Thur
Sept 7 / Tues
Sept 13 / Mon
Sept 15 / Wed
Sept 21 / Tues
Sept 23 / Thur
Sept 27 / Mon and last date is Sept 29/ Wed ( I don’t know why this program will not allow this date to be in the list form.)

After choosing which project you would like to do, you load up your work tray with glass and ceramic tiles. There are a couple big buffets of colors to choose from. You can mix and match and try many different things.
What could be better than making art with new friends in a beautiful setting. During happy hour!
These are all some works from class participants.

After you get used to working with the stained glass and learn some shaping techniques you can learn the new skill of glass on glass to make a beautiful candle holder and/or framed sun catcher. All materials provided.