Vblog #24 Harps & Faeries

Hi Everyone, Earlier this month I took 15 harps up to Eugene,Oregon for the Faerie Worlds festival. I wanted to give anyone a chance to learn to play on my harps and it was a wonderful time. We stayed on an organic farm nearby with dear friends and my mom came along to help out too. I had people sign up for the time slots and I handed out the harps to anyone who wanted to try. We play glissandos, and scales,some simple songs and even rounds. People love the experience and are quite amazed how easier it was than they thought. I really love doing this because the people areso happy and inspired by it. I would like to think I will have contributed quite a lot of harp players in the world by the time I’m done! The music on this video is from my CDs called “Fairie Tales” and “Maiden’s Prayer” George Tortorelli plays flutes on the video and in all the music. He was a huge help as it is quite a physical feat to pull this off. I hope you enjoy this.

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