Harps in hospitals

Harps in hospitals can be background music for the patient care areas, hallways, waiting rooms, pre op area or nurses stations. It can also be acoustic concerts in the lobby, or visits to a patient room.

Lobby Concerts
The lobby can an intimate venue to host some of the worlds finest acoustic music  Patients, families and staff come together to enjoy the music and meet the artists.

Music in the Hallways and Waiting Rooms
You can have gentle instrumental music played by a professional musician throughout the halls and waiting rooms. A feeling of relaxation is enjoyed by all.

Music in the Patient Room
Patients and families may request an in-room musical visit by the musician. This may be either an interactive
visit with song requests or quiet time music for relaxation.

Hands-on-Harps workshops
This empowering activity is designed to bring out the musician in everyone. Participants enjoy the hands-on beginner workshops with provided Celtic and lap harps. There is no musical experience necessary to join in and create lovely music the very first time. These are often in conjunction with other creative programs offered to patients.

A partial list of facilities presenting Lisa Lynne’s harp music or events

Kaiser Hospitals – Panorama City, Encino & Riverside, CA
City of Hope – Duarte, CA
WeSpark Cancer Support Center – Sherman Oaks, CA
Children’s Hospital – Los Angeles, CA
Riverside Community Hospital – Riverside, CA
Eisenhower Hospital – Palm Springs, CA
Optimal Hospice Foundation – Bakersfield, CA
Marian Cancer Care Center – Santa Maria, CA
Shands Cancer Hospital- University of Florida, FL
Tower Cancer Research Foundation, Beverly Hills, CA

How the hospital programs began (video)