Mosaic workshops in May!

Join us for some outdoor social distance mosaic workshops on our Art Deck. You will learn all the steps to make beautiful mosiacs. You choose four two-hour workshop slots over the eight date options in May. See flyer below for more details and email me for questions or reservations. Each workshop will be limited to six tables of individuals or family/friends pods.

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  1. Hello , I have just ‘ discovered you through Sylvia Woods news letter . I am mom of two teen aged girls with special needs . I do play harp a lot around them but : my ‘ repertoire evolves around the Melodie’s and tunes that I used to play while being young …. I am very motivated to get the girls more involved with the harp but – not as just a passive listeners , but I don t know from where to start . Would you be willing to mentor me how to approach them … I am willing to commit several months of working with you , under your tutillage – as I am sure how after all your Hands -on experience , you are holding the keys to all my answers . Would you please let me know if this may be something that you would be willing to work with me . I do reside in Sunbury , Ohio . Thank you , SNezAna Ruzic


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