Vblog #28 A photo shoot and impromptu Carole King

I have been working for month on a new recording with my partner Aryeh and vocalist Molly. She has been my friend for over a decade and she writes the most beautiful lyrics for many of my instrumental songs and sings them with her most beautiful voice. This project has been in the making for a really long time.
Molly and I met and started performing together about 10 years ago. Everytime we did, it was magic. We never had a recording, because we both had such busy lives. We finally started a recording at Sony studios, but again life got in the way, I moved, Molly got married, these very special tracks laid dormant. Until, Aryeh discovered them and swiftly brought them back to life. We added more of our beautiful instruments, had a couple of our favorite guest musicians, and completed the new CD over the last several months. Right now the wonderful sound engineer Bernie Becker is putting the final moves on the mixes and it will be out and available in early Spring. So to say this work is long awaiting is quite the understatement.

Last week we had a photo shoot for the cover of the album. We went to a studio in Northern California not far from where I live, and went for it. Here, Aryeh captured an impromtu moment of us goofing around with songs and my bandura. It was a rather tedious session as photo shoots always are. I never played this song before (Carole King one of my very favorites) on my Bandura, but it worked rather well!
I hope you enjoy this glimpse of an ordinary day playing 70’s love songs on Ukranian Bandura on an ancient antique Chinese bed.

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