Vblog #23 Harps at Strawberry Festival

I love to bring several of my harps to various places and share them with groups of people that have never touched a harp before.

Sometimes its a hospital, a school, various retreat centers, yoga studios or rehab facilities. This time I experimented with an outdoor festival and joined Aryeh at the Strawberry festival in Oxnard, California. I had no idea how it would go over in a wild loud festival. Would the people be into it? would they be respectful and gentle with the instruments? I was a little nervous as it was quite a chaotic place. But the same thing happens that happens every time. The people love the harps so much they are in awe of the instruments and the sound. It was so much fun and the people were so cute. The workshops had their own audiences and the parents of the kids were taking photos and smiling. It was a grand success and the festival directors loved it too.

Next I will be doing it at the Faerie Worlds festival in Eugene Oregon in July. I love getting people from all walks of life inspired and empowered by the music they can make on the harp. Its fun to see their faces.

The songs featured on this video, are “Lauda” performed live by Lisa & Aryeh from our “Two Worlds One” CD. For the harp workshop, the background music is from my “Fairie Tales” CD, a song I wrote called “Road to Kaylee”

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