Private Events

In my earlier years as a professional musician my calendar was always full with weddings and private events. I made my living in those early years by steady jobs playing in fine restaurants as well. I would get so many restaurant people asking for my card that I was busy with weddings and parties every week year round.

I enjoyed doing that so much,  but as time went by and I was touring and traveling more I truly missed being a part of important and personal life moments.  I can think of no greater honor than to be playing the music as two people join their lives. I have probably played more than 200 weddings in my life and every single one moved me. I was happy that my music could play a role in the feeling of the event.

I have also enjoyed playing for memorial services, baby showers, store events, private dinners, Christmas parties, the list goes on. I love to set a mood by playing in the background of some special event. Once I was hired to play for Sugar Ray Leanord as a surprise dinner for his wife. Just the three of us!  Another time I was hired to appear at a park bench to serenade a couple just as a man was going to propose. Thankfully she said yes.

I still occasionally get to play a wedding, and I am happy to do it. More often than not my calendar is filled with travel so I have to recommend one of my many excellent colleagues for the job, but please feel free to contact me and I will see what’s possible. I live in Oregon but often travel to California or Washington so anywhere in either area could work if my schedule permits.  I maybe get to do about 3-4 weddings a year now and I enjoy them just as much as ever.