Vblog #18 – One week in November

I brought my video camera with me to celebrate voting and decided to keep going all week with it, catching moments of what my life is like. There are images of where I live, places I go, my work in the hospitals, performing with friends, going to Agape,
traveling, and a festival in Florida. I hope you will enjoy this 9 minute whirlwind that happens in just six days.

You will hear music that is live, as well as from recordings. Here are the songs featured in order of appearance.

Lauda – Two Worlds One – Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter
Bandora’s Box – Seasons of the Soul by Lisa Lynne
Wake up – by Hudost, http://www.Hudost.com
All My Guitars – by Hudost
Welcome – from Seasons of the Soul by Lisa Lynne

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