Vblog #19 “Women of Windham Hill” in Atlanta

Greetings, This is the latest installment of our show last Saturday with the “Women of Windham Hill” It features behind the scenes fun as well as excerpts from the concert at the Rialto Center at Georgia State University. You will see myself on Celtic Harp, bass and percussion, Liz Story on piano, Barbara Higbie on piano, guitar, violin and voice, and George with flutes and percussion, Sean Harkness on guitar and bass. The songs on here are opening wiht “La Rotta” from my “New Morning” CD, then in the soundcheck and concert you hear “Calling all Angels” I can get you the info on that song if you like. There is also piano works by Liz Story easily found, Sean Harkness on Guitar has a website of his name, we also play “Circle of Joy” by me, “Light and Longing” and ends with “To Be” on a few of Barbara’s CDs.

It was a really nice time as it always is. I hope I captured the feel of what it is like and try to show different things each time. There are a few other videos of the same group in different places if you go back in time on this video blog.
I hope you enjoy this, and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours…
love, Lisa Lynne

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