Vblog #9 Missouri Street Fair

 Hi there, here is a show we do each summer called “Festival of the Little Hills” in Saint Charles Missouri. It takes place in a small river town, the place where Louis & Clark began their historic expedition to the weston the Missouri River. The people of this town are so very nice, they love our music so much that I keep going back each year.

You will hear sound clips of a few other street performers, our friend Bob Culvertson on the Chapman stick, and our friend Mark Holland on the Native American flutes. You will see George playing an incredible hand made flute in the shape of a long snake, you will see two ladies trying to extract an over filled trash bag, and hear the million secada bugs making their unusual song. Because there is so much other sounds going on at different levels, I opted to put in a recorded song over the images, so thats what you are hearing, “Little Dirt Road” from my New Morning CD. I left original sound from the other musicians of course.

So you can see what a typical weekend is like in the many midwestern towns and cities I visit. I hope you enjoy it and get the sense of how human it all is..

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