I have taken my harps to many schools but these kids were the youngest yet. Head Start preschools is a government funded orgainzation. serves the lower income families with an opportunity for kids to be exposed to arts and music in preparation for entering schools. I had six classes of 3-5 year olds in one day!

The local newspaper came and did a nice little story and posted this video to go along with it. It was pretty early in the day before my caffeine.

Ahh…. to be relaxing after all the Winter gigs… its was a lot to do, but every moment was rich and diverse. Here’s a collage of just some of the fun. There were shows with our trio with Patrick Ball, shows with Windham Hill Winter Solstice, and some regular gigs too.







Rehearsing music.. an abundance of awesome tunes to choose from.IMG_0589 (1)

Packed up my little trailer for a swing up the Northwest to do our seasonal show with Patrick Ball called “A Winter Gift”

seattle rain

Rainy days in Portland, Highway 5 had a landslide. We couldn’t get to our Seattle show three hours away. After eight hours in a traffic jam, we had to give up and cancel the concert. painful.. wah!

trio portland





Walters Cultural Art Center near Portland, Oregon.


Patrick’s dog Max went on tour with us this time.

IMG_0750 (1)





Hands-on-Harps at a San Francisco Library.


I join Aryeh for a farmers market and our yearly Christmas Craft fair booth in Grass Valley. It’s a perfect chance to work on all the music for the concerts. Its fun.



Ashland, Oregon


I still get to play bass sometimes.


A show with Patrick in Kelseyville, not far from the devastating fires.

Swedish trio

Special guest Olof Soderback sat in for some Swedish tunes.


windham five

The Winter Solstice Concert lineup was left to right: Alex Kelly, me, Barbara Higbie, Alex DeGrassi, George Tortorelli and Aryeh Frankfurter


Grass Valley Performing Arts Center


Two shows at SF Jazz in San Francisco. There was several pro video cameras so I will have footage soon. Unbelievable sound quality and crew there.


New Years eve at Centerpoint drug rehabilitation. A traditional gig that our good friends organize every year. They rock. It rocks.

And then a party of musicians! (sorry for the abrupt ending I ran out of space on my phone).   Happy New Year!


Hi everyone! The text of the story is below the images. This which came out in the current issue of the Folk Harp Journal. They asked me to write a story about our road tours, (during a road tour) so it was easy and fun to do.  I hope this gives you an idea of what our life is like when we are on the road. I have posted many videos on this blog of our actual tours, and this is what  what happens behind those scenes.

Below these images is a link to the story.

Read the story here

A fall trip driving to Seattle, a stop in Ashland for a Mosaic conference, a visit to an organic farm, a Seattle harp conference at Dusty Strings. Concert footage with fellow musicians, Aryeh Frankurter, Kim Robertson, Patrick Ball, Erik Ask-Upmark, Beth Kolle, Laurie Riley, Molly Bauckham, Kate Power. Special thanks to Sue and Ray Mooers for hosting us all for such a great event. And the best party I’ve been to in a long time!

We love doing house concerts, and we love hosting house concerts. The nice thing about hosting is we get to sit in with the performers. Here we are with David Brewer and Rebecca Lomnicky. Two wonderful musicians who tour just like us in similar venues. They are so loved by the folk music community and its easy to see why.

Here is its! a collection of images from our recent tour to the East Coast and back. Aryeh and I are narrating over the images. There’s no way to capture all the adventures we had, and I even missed including a concert or two, but you get the idea. It was a very successful tour, but a lot of hard work as we did every aspect of it on our own. It’s a new world out there for musicians and artists. Do it yourself is the new way of doing things. I will be writing a book soon about how to create your own tour and be successful on the road. So look for that soon!


Aryeh and I

did a little visit to a PBS station to promote a series of concerts.
Aryeh and I played “Morning Star”.. An original piece of music I wrote for a Windham Hill Christmas record. It’s one of Aryeh’s favorites, he is playing Swedish Nyckelharpa.