A review of my book!

My very first official review. I’m so excited!

Lisa Lynne Franco has more than survived the ups and downs of the modern music business. She has made her own way through the maze of record labels, falling CD sales, billboard chart fatigue and has developed an almost scientific process by which to thrive as a musician, and is generously willing to share it all in her book, How to Succeed at Self-Produced Concerts; A Guide for Performers and Presenters to Navigating a Successful Event. The author takes the reader through her history as a bass playing classic rocker, to chart topping recording artist for Windham Hill, through her experiences developing programs for community medical centers bringing musical healing into the lives of people so desperately in need. All leading to the eventual realization that acting on her own behalf as a completely independent musician, successfully managing, in every sense of the word, her own artistic journey, was the perfect fit.

This text helps the artist navigate the exploration of alternative venues vs established ones, working promotion and social media leading up to the event, dealing with tangibles like contract agreements, ticketing, merchandise, and accounting when the event has come to its successful conclusion. It’s not a study in “successful event management made easy” because Ms. Franco makes it clear that a successful return only occurs through diligence, focus and hard work. However, with specific email templates, action timelines, spreadsheets for organizing press contacts and possible venues, the author manages to elevate some of the sting of mundane business tasks and offers even the most disorganized person a foundation for success with an effective step by step process.

Equally inspirational and motivational, the book helps the reader to see venue performance opportunities through a broader view, enabling innovative ways to build an audience and make a living by breaking each piece of the process down into actionable and approachable steps that seem palatable even to the most easily overwhelmed artist. A quintessential DIY manual for the performing musician that manages double duty as a guide to also inform possible Presenter-Hosts in preparation for a successful event. In addition, the practical applications bridge several artistic platforms and it’s safe to say, this would be beneficial text for anyone organizing a public event or for any type of performance artist who wants to advance the trajectory of their career.
Overall, Lisa Lynne Franco offers a concise, comprehensive, and entertaining manual. How to Succeed at Self-Produced Concerts provides many thoughtful options for success and leaves the reader feeling empowered and prepared to embrace their own independence, while reaching out to endless possibilities for creating a magical entertainment experience for host, performer and most importantly, audience.

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