Vblog #14 – Onstage with Circle of Joy

Hi Friends.. its been awhile since I posted last. Its been so busy with lots of shows and traveling. I also moved to another City in Los Angeles, I live in Marina Del Rey now.. I have always wanted to live on the beach, and I am steps away from big sand, incredible ocean and I walk there every day. I will post some pictures soon.

I have a few new things to post so I’ll get to it. I just finished a couple shows with the Women of Windham Hill, its a wonderful show featuring two recording artists that were on the label early on, and myself. Barbara Higbie is an incredible multi-instrumentalist and Liz Story, a pianist like no other.I am playing mostly harp but get to play a little bass. Backing us up is George Tortorelli who I get to play with all the time, and Sean Harkness an incredible guitarist and recording artist in his own right. Of course we get a lot of mileage out of joking about the “Women of Windham Hill” tour.. its all so fun, we are perpetually doing shows around the year, here and there in clusters. We wont have any shows for a couple of months then suddenly we are all together again like we never parted. We just played in New Jersey and Arizon. This footage comes from Scottsdale Center for the Performing arts near Pheonix. We have such a good time because they are all so funny and people always love the show. Here is just a quick tune called Circle of Joy. I will be putting together some other footage of behind the scenes that will appear here soon also. Thats all for now! love, lisa

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