Vblog #12 Fun and not fun in Utah


Hi Everyone, I just got back from a couple days in Utah with the “Women of Windham Hill” tour. We did a clinic at the University of Utah where we talked to students about doing music as a career, and what its like to be.. umm….us. It was really really early and we were a bit bleary, but it was fun. Then we did an afternoon show for school kids and the evening was the normal concert. The next night was Valentines Day and we did just a concert.

The whole time I was struggling with big pain in my leg which I knew to be a blood clot because I have a chronic circulation problem from a past injury and how much I fly etc. I have had trouble with deep vein thrombosis for 10 years now and it flairs uponce in awhile. I already had a surgery for it to place a filter that guards my lungs and heart etc, but I ended up in the emergency room with a new clot in my hip and thigh. They have a great hospital in Logan, I was there after the show each night getting injections of blood thinner in my stomach! I have always been a person who goes the natural/organic way of health to try to deal with this, lots of herbs and vitamens, etc. but this time I have to have some big time help from the mainstream medicine. It was all rather rough but the show must go on!

I’m back in LA now staying in bed to get over this, excellent doctors and good people are helping me with it now. Since I can’t bear to give myself a shot in the stomach, there are have some wonderful nurses volunteering from both City of Hope and Kaiser hospital where I do my music programs coming to help me with it, its only a few more shots, then just pills and hopefully it will be managed once and for all.

I hope you enjoy the video, its so fun to make these. I have always loved home movies and I like to document these times forever.

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