A busy December…

Ahh…. to be relaxing after all the Winter gigs… its was a lot to do, but every moment was rich and diverse. Here’s a collage of just some of the fun. There were shows with our trio with Patrick Ball, shows with Windham Hill Winter Solstice, and some regular gigs too.







Rehearsing music.. an abundance of awesome tunes to choose from.IMG_0589 (1)

Packed up my little trailer for a swing up the Northwest to do our seasonal show with Patrick Ball called “A Winter Gift”

seattle rain

Rainy days in Portland, Highway 5 had a landslide. We couldn’t get to our Seattle show three hours away. After eight hours in a traffic jam, we had to give up and cancel the concert. painful.. wah!

trio portland





Walters Cultural Art Center near Portland, Oregon.


Patrick’s dog Max went on tour with us this time.

IMG_0750 (1)





Hands-on-Harps at a San Francisco Library.


I join Aryeh for a farmers market and our yearly Christmas Craft fair booth in Grass Valley. It’s a perfect chance to work on all the music for the concerts. Its fun.



Ashland, Oregon


I still get to play bass sometimes.


A show with Patrick in Kelseyville, not far from the devastating fires.

Swedish trio

Special guest Olof Soderback sat in for some Swedish tunes.


windham five

The Winter Solstice Concert lineup was left to right: Alex Kelly, me, Barbara Higbie, Alex DeGrassi, George Tortorelli and Aryeh Frankfurter


Grass Valley Performing Arts Center


Two shows at SF Jazz in San Francisco. There was several pro video cameras so I will have footage soon. Unbelievable sound quality and crew there.


New Years eve at Centerpoint drug rehabilitation. A traditional gig that our good friends organize every year. They rock. It rocks.

And then a party of musicians! (sorry for the abrupt ending I ran out of space on my phone).   Happy New Year!


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