Lisa & Aryeh at Harp Center


Aryeh Frankfurter and I did a small tour in Los Angeles and San Diego. The Sylvia Woods Harp Center is a long standing mecca of everything harp related. After 16 years of being the biggest harp store in the country, she is closing her doors and becoming a mail order business only. It happens that 95% of the business is mail order anyway, so its really just a logical business move, but for lots of people including ourselves it was quite sentimental and we were honored to play the very last concert there on July 14, 2008.
Here is a peek, its just one tune until I can go through the rest of the footage. Its one of my earliest written pieces called “Luna De Amor” it was originally written for my CD “Moonsongs” where it appeared in about 1996. It was recently re-recorded with Aryeh playing viola and it appears on the newest recording. “Two Worlds One.” I hope you enjoy it. More to come! Lisa

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