Harps in Schools

One of my favorite things to do is share my harps in schools. I have done this on many occasions and each time its a big success. I can bring 15 harps for a hands-on musical experience.

Depending on the ages of the students I create he right program for each class. The youngest of kids can use the small harps to learn or depending on how many we can have a shorter program that involves singing songs they know, and asking questions. I tell fun stories about the instruments and each student gets a chance to strum the harp on their way out.

I can bring out all 15 harps and the children can play. We have them pluck the red and blue colored strings and play familiar melodies by ear. There can be two to a harp therefore accommodating a class of 30. I have had full day programs where I stay set up in one room and the classes come in one after another for the presentation.

A recent visit to Head Start Preschool in Redding, California.