Cedarhouse Concerts

Greetings friends and neighbors! Here is where you will find info about our upcoming house concerts. We are located in the town of Monroe/Alpine which is about halfway between Eugene and Corvallis. The concerts start at 7:00PM with an optional potluck at 6:00PM. We ask each attendee to contribute $15-$20. which all goes to the outstanding performers that we host.

We hope to host a concert once a month, but the days will vary as we ourselves are touring musicians.  Our performer friends and colleagues are also on a tour schedule so sometimes we can only get them on a weekday. But every concert so far has been a full house and waiting list. We can seat about 52 people in our upstairs room. We have plans to turn our barn into a larger venue with a dance floor to host larger concerts, and music and art retreats. So, stay tuned! You can also join the newsletter at the top right of this page and you will get my quarterly newsletter which will also list the events. But if you’d like early notification about each house concert we host just send me an email requesting so.

Your hosts Aryeh & Lisa

If you have questions or want to make a reservation for any of the upcoming shows, email me  Lisa@LisaLynne.com  Please state the date you wish to attend and how many seats to reserve. If its your first time here let me know and I will send all directions and parking info. We recommend you make your reservations early!  See you real soon!  Lisa & Aryeh


Saturday, June 24 – Noctumbule – Marla Fibish and Bruce Victor – Original and Traditional, harmonized poetry songs, lots of humor.  This incredible duo are our best friends from where we lived in the bay area. That could make us partial, but indeed they make some of the most beautiful acoustic music you will ever hear. Marla is my idol. She is one of the foremost Irish mandolin players in the world. But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Bruce is the funniest guy we know, a great guitarist with a side hobby as a psychiatrist. They are a songwriting duo that layers incredible sounds and virtuosity with their clever and brilliant songs.   They use musical settings and a broad array of poetry that they sing in harmony, original instrumental pieces and traditional Irish tunes and songs.  Aryeh recorded their first album in our home studio and whenever they play, we get to sit in. You will get to hear an unusual array of strings  — fine guitars in varied tunings, mandola, mandolin, bouzouki, cittern, tenor guitar — and their blended voices. More about their music here. http://www.noctambulemusic.com/us


Saturday, July 8 – Music by the campfire 7-10PM   You can come and go as you please during this exceptional music party. It will be wonderful musicians playing beautiful acoustic songs from the 60’s and 70’s. You can request any song you love and sing or play along from the lyric/chord books available. Even if you just want to be a listener, you are in for a real treat.

Bring your camp chairs, your favorite beverage, we’ll have a desert and snack potluck table there too. We ask only a $5. donation from everyone so we can pay the guest guitarist who will help us with the (ahem), harder bits like the classic guitar solos and make us all sound extra good. We wont be counting reservations like a normal house concert as there is plenty of space outside. So commitment is not necessary,  but it would be helpful to me to have a rough estimate how many to expect.  So please drop me an email if you’d like to join us. This is also on Oregon Country fair weekend and I’ll have several visiting family members among us. I just can’t wait!


Our past concerts so far:

May 2017 – Kate Power & Steve Einhorn

April 2017 – Evie Ladin & Keith Terry

MAR 2017 – Lisa Lynne & Aryeh Frankfurter

FEB 2017 – Mason & Weed