I am just learning how to use this blog program
so I’m just going to post a cool photo.

This is a recent picture George and I played for his daughter
Chandrika’s wedding. It was magical.

It took place in a botanical garden in Gainesville, Florida.
This shot was taken moments before he put down his
flutes to walk her down the isle. The bliss was so high
that there is light coming out of his solar plexis… literally.

Hi Everyone, Welcome to my new blog. This is the place I’ll keep you all more informed of my happenings. I’ll be posting stories, anticdotes, photos and footage from the road and in the recording studio.

Check back frequently because I have a few new projects in the works and I’ll be sharing more about them soon.

Please feel free to leave me a message anytime,
I always enjoy hearing back from you.
More to come!