Book – How to Succeed with Self-Produced Concerts

For musical artists who are just breaking in, or experienced performers who have been at it a long time, this book is a helpful tool to manage the new era of independent music: This guide will show you how to take control of your ability to find or create new places to play, book venues on your own, be your own agent, manager, promoter and publicist. This means taking control of all aspects of the touring business and having a system in place that will greatly increase your proficiency to make it work. This book will also serve new presenters who wish to open up their space for a concert or concert series. Both performers and presenters can follow the guidelines in this book and work together and make the most of every opportunity. For performers, being able to coach new presenters will empower you to uncover a wealth of opportunity and therefore set you free… to perform your music as often as you wish and with abundance. 220 pages. Scroll down for Table of Contents.


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