Harp Column Magazine did its 25th Aniversary Issue and revisited all the cover stories over the past 25 years. I was humbled to think I was among all the greatist accomplished innovators and masters of the instrument.  I have never thought of myself that way, but if you read the article, you can see they must have picked me because I have some good ideas  or am a good pep talker :).  It was pretty moving to read it again, 10 years later. The things I was dreaming about have come true. All that relentless work actually paid off.

The little update which they gave for every cover story says the following:

LISA LYNNE November/December 2008
Then – This heavy metal band bassist taught herself how to play the harp and successfully carved out her musical  niche, becoming the best selling Celtic (lever) harpist in  the U.S. and touring 40 weeks a year for the past 15 years.
What she told us “…I knew that this instrument had a lot of magic, a lot of power, because it transcended all lines, all varieties of people.”
Now – Lynne teamed up in a duo with fellow Celtic harper Aryeh Frankfurter and the two have since married. They also tour in a trio with wire-strung harpist and storyteller Patrick Ball. She has also released a second volume of original compositions and several albums in the last 10 years, created in her own recording studio.

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