This Universe


This Universe

This Universe– Singh Kaur, Lisa Lynne & Gary Stadler

This recording featuring the legendary voice of Singh Kaur.Lisa Lynne’s Celtic Harp adds her Celtic harp to her message of love and grace. Excellent music for the healing arts, meditation and prayer. 58 min.

1. Spark the Night 7:51
2. This Universe 43:12
3. The Lords Prayer 7:03

I often get asked to play on recordings by other artists, if time allowed I would do it much more, but once in awhile a really specially situation comes about, and this is one of those.

The vocalist featured here is Sing Kaur. She has one of the most angelic voices you will ever hear. I came across the CD “Fairy Nightsongs” and was swept away by her sound.

I wrote to the producer Gary Stadler to tell them how much I loved the record and if they ever wanted my Celtic Harp on future projects I would be so honored to play.

He told me the incredible story of Sing Kaur. Fairy Nightsongs was her last work on earth. He worked with her on this CD throughout her last months of life as she endured the final stages of ovarian cancer. There were tracks left unfinished and I was asked to play on them.

So there it was, a chance to be a part of her music. The result is “This Universe” which I believe is her wisdom and love summarized for us to hear.

It took a long time for the record to be released, but here it is. I hope you will give it a listen and see if it takes you to another place.. as it does for me.

Singh Kaur

sing kaur