Songs of Good Cheer




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The Elfin Love Tribe returns with a bountiful collection of joyous instrumental tunes
to lift the spirit and celebrate life. Celtic Harps, world flutes, Swedish nyckleharpa, mandolins and dulcimers weave an exquisite and festive array of musical delights. This is the follow up from the popular  “Fairie Tales” 60 min. (2013)

Hear excerpts from “Songs of Good Cheer”

1. Into the Forest 3:36
2. Faire of the Glen 5:24
3. Homeland 4:28
4. Song of Good Cheer 5:00
5. *King of The Fairies 4:09
6. Wishing Well 5:25
7. *Merry Be 4:54
8. On Sylvan Wings 5:27
9. *Gravelius 3:43
10. *Childgrove 5:12
11. Everflame 4:30
12. **Drömmen (Dreaming) 4:20
13. Road to the Realm 5:43

All tunes written by Lisa Lynne unless * Traditional. **written by Freddie Fredrickson

Lisa Lynne – Celtic Harp, Mandolins, Guitar,
Bass, Bandura, Percussion
Aryeh Frankfurter – Nyckelharpa, Violin, Viola, Guitar,
Cittern, Hammer Dulcimer, Harp on #1
George Tortorelli – Bamboo flutes, Recorders and
Whistles, Percussion
Marla Fibish – Mandolins and Mandola
Tracy Grisman – Stand up Bass
Brian Rice, Percussion
Shelly Phillips – Oboe

Guest Musicians
Gil Morales – Bass
Houman Pourmehdi – Percussion
Mahshid Mirzadeh – Santur
Stephanie fife – Cello

The poster “May the Forest be with you..”

Poster SCG

The musicians


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Tracy bass - Version 2