Seasons of the Soul



Seasons of the Soul copy

This title is no longer available as a physical CD. If you do an online search you can likely find a used copy if you search online. I can also burn you a disc. Just go to “Buy CD” and say you want a disc and I will make you a copy and mail it. Otherwise, you can download from the link above.


Seasons Of The Soul

Lush harps with bamboo flutes, mandolin, dulcimer, bouzouki, and Spanish guitar. A variety of soft and mid-tempo tunes. 56 min

Listen to a track from “Seasons of the Soul”

01. Welcome (4:37)
02. Fair Wind (5:10)
03. Isla Del Luna (5:15)
04. Firebird (4:54)
05. Bandora’s Box (5:38)
06. The White Ship Of Hope (5:08)
07. Majestica (5:25)
08. Morning Dove (7:09)
09. The Light & The Longing (5:19)
10. Faire Thee Well (4:27)

This is the first album made on a major label that got lots of radio airplay, so it was a breakthrough at the time. It went to #1 on the New Age Voice radio airplay charts, and then #5, and then #1 again!!.Windham Hill did good promotion on it. A big factor. We had radio promoters too, and I did lots of radio station visits. It’s all original music, a fairly elaborate production of acoustic instruments, backing the harp and flutes. (video of our stage performance below)

The first few songs are kind of up tempo, with Spanish flavored guitar, the back half are mellow songs.. there are also some of my favorite pieces we’ve ever done. I hired some some first rate veteran musicians playing various things.. Jim Keltner is a legendary drummer well known for his years with Eric Clapton and George Harrison to name a few. He ate dinner with us during his tracking time, and really had some stories to tell. We were riveted. But we couldn’t hear very many since he was like.. $250.00 an hour to be there. It was hard to lasso these big time guys in, and have them play my simple style but they did.. and I was glad. Session players are like top dollar super efficient brain surgeons in music. We were all amazed by them. This recording was my favorite for quite awhile, and sold very well, but I like the records I have made since then even more. I have had several people say they used songs from it to walk down the wedding isle. What an honor.

Video of performing “Morning Dove” from Seasons of the Soul