Quiet Heart

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This title is no longer available in CD. I can burn you a disc if you email me.

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Intimate music for solo harp. (2001)

01. Walk With Me
02. Home
03. La Rotta
04. Soliloquy
05. Long For Love
06. Spirit Dance
07. Morning Song
08. Illumination
09. The Whiteness Of Winter
10. Wild Mountain Thyme
11. Skyride

I heard for the thousandth time… “Don’t you have a record of just your harp”? So I did it. Found the finest studio Los Angeles had to offer, the finest microphones, the finest recording equipment, lots of candles and quiet, I brought in all my different harps. (I bet you didn’t know, that during recording, about 1/3 of the time is spent tuning??” Because when you are recording, you cant have one single note even the slightest micro millimeter out of tune. And all those strings can be temperamental to say the least. so I am tuning all the time. You might be right in the middle of a good take, and if there’s one note out of tune, you have to start over again.. After tuning… Again… 34 strings over and over…But about the record… its harps and more harps… mostly solo harps, but sometimes two harps at once. Its very gentle, and daydreamy.. because I am an expert at the skill of daydreaming..