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Romantic, heartwarming, harp, and recorders, with subtle cello, dulcimer, and acoustic guitar. 57 min (1995)

Listen to a track from “Moonsongs”

01. Still the Moon (6:30)
02. Luna de Amor (5:16)
03. Aurora Borealis (7:05)
04. Shining Where You Stand (4:51)
05. Garden Green (5:00)
06. Just the Wine (4:35)
07. Adalina’s Arms (6:09)
08. Pavane (3:53)
09. Talking to Me (7:13)
10. Lake of Dreams (6:13)

This recording is still a lot of peoples favorite all these years later.
I had a broken heart when I wrote this record. I had lost a lot at the time, I had been in a partnership with another flute player, we were called “Celestial Winds” he ended up getting carried away by the money we were making.. and it ended our duo, and he took off with the books and the money. Took the music I wrote, took the credit.. blah blah, long story short.. it was the end of an era.

So this record was about picking up and carrying on.. with the little resources I had, it ended up being so genuine heart space / bittersweet / didn’t have a plan / but had all this music in my head. Its very mellow too, like “Love & Peace” but a bit more Celtic sounding in places. There are some other instruments too, very softly done, like dulcimer, cello, some guitar. My friend Susan Winsberg played the recorders on this one. She bravely traipsed all around the country playing malls with me in the dead of winter. She was a great sport during the time I was getting back on my feet. I did a cover song from one of my favorite groups “Heart” called “Just the Wine” I ended up meeting Nancy Wilson from “Heart”, in Hollywood one day. I have admired her for my whole growing up time…She is legendary in my mind, and was so cool, showing me all her guitars…I thought I was dreaming…I worked up the nerve and gave her “Moonsongs” and I was nervous because I had done one of her songs on it. She said she would use Moonsongs with her husband Cameron Crowe, (movie guy) and they would use it to try to get pregnant.. I nearly fainted.

All the records I’ve done, and my mom still says this is her favorite.