Maiden’s Prayer




The physical CD is out of print – you can either download from the above link or click buy CD and it will take you to Paypal, I will burn you a disc if you put that request in the comments. $15. includes postage.

An exquisite tapestry of Celtic and Renaissance music. Harp, woodwinds, gentle percussion and world-class musicians.

Listen to excerpts from “Maiden’s Prayer”

01. Chanter’s Tune
02. Maiden’s Prayer
03. Eleanor Plunkett
04. Still I Will
05. Light’s Love
06. Lauda de Maria Maddalenna
07. A Ladie Sweet and Kind
08. Winter Moon
09. I Love My Love
10. One Wish
11. As Ye Lay In Slumber

One of my favorite things to do in the world is go to the Renaissance Faire. I have always wanted to make a record that would reflect the spirit of those times. I searched and searched for just the right melodies, that I could learn and somehow make my own with my harp, and my favorite sounds of flutes and violin. The songs of those times were often quite short, so I like to add my own sections giving them some magical turns and flowing changes. There are about half original pieces and half are pieces from 400 years ago.

I wanted to use  authentic instruments of the times, so I worked with some of the expert musicians from Musica Angelica, a world renowned Renaissance Ensemble to play Lute and Viola da gamba. (Viola da Gamba is the early version of the cello) I was very lucky to have some wonderful Persian Musicians from the Lian Ensemble. (Lian means Peace) Two women, and one man from Iran, played their ancient instruments on several of the pieces.

The Percussion you hear comes from an ancient Persian drum called a daf, it looks like a giant tambourine. It is played very softly by rubbing hands across the skin. I wanted to make this record sound like my living room, when we are all sitting together making music with the pillows on the floor, good friends on the pillows… and the fireplace and wine. I imagine that’s what they did in the 15th and 16th Century too.. Taking known melodies and changing them all around. (with fireplace and wine no doubt) I wrote four original pieces for this album too. “As Ye Lay in Slumber” is for my little niece Annelyse, just born and new to the world. I’m very proud of this record, I think that we captured some of the musical magic that must have happened in those colorful and romantic times.