Fairie Tales



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Fairie Tales – The Elfin Love Tribe
A festive and joyous collection of Celtic and Renaissance music. Conjures up images of Tolkein forests and Elfin celebrations. 58 min. (1999) Not available for download.

Listen to a track from “Fairie Tales”

01. Dance Of Herod (4:15)
02. Cucanandy (5:13)
03. Douce Dame Jolie (2:33)
04. Crimson Morn (4:55)
05. Now Oh Now, I Needs Must Part (5:07)
06. Carolyn’s Welcome (3:35)
07. Kemp’s Jig (3:26)
08. Scarborough Fair (3:42)
09. Fanny Power (4:16)
10. Circle Of Joy (4:45)
11. Greensleeves (5:45)
12. Boru’s March (4:32)
13. Road To Kaylee (3:51)

This is the second album that I made with George on flutes. We wanted to make something light and fun, and we were fascinated with Elves and the folklore of magical forests. I picked out some traditional tunes and penned some of my own along those lines. We pretended we were elves and fairies playing all kinds of instruments. We named the fictional band “Elfin Love Tribe”, and we had a good time getting in touch with our inner elves. There are some well known and most requested melodies like Greensleeves, and Scarborough Faire, so people really like this record. I think it’s a good choice for holiday music too.  It’s not the romantic ethereal love vibes of the other records, its spunky with some Elfin attitude. Hand percussion and jig type numbers here and there, some ballads too. If you’re a fan of Tolkien, you will enjoy this music.