Daughters of the Celtic Moon




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Produced by David Arkenstone. A colorful and contemporary recording of Celtic flavored tunes. Both uptempo and ethereal pieces combined. 57 min. (1998)

01. Sister Moon (5:03)
02. Maiden Dance (3:52)
03. Fields of Gold (4:35)
04. Nightingale (4:37)
05. Branwin’s Secret (4:29)
06. The Shine of Shance (3:52)
07. Knight Ride (4:10)
08. Crimson Morn (4:40)
09. A Gentle Place (5:00)
10. Way Of The World (5:01)
11. Gossamer Heart (4:14)
12. Lake of Dreams (4:56)

This is my first album after I signed with Windham Hill in 1997.  The veteran Grammy artist David Arkenstone was set to produce it, and I had met him just once or twice previously. Windham Hill had just signed him too, and wanted him to oversee my first record for their company. So we collaborated. All my previous records I had just done on my own, with no guidance or leadership, so it was a nice experience, having someone else make the final decisions. The result we got is just what you would think, it sounds like half Lisa Lynne, and half David Arkenstone. There are a lot more keyboards on this record than any others, and it is pretty Celtic in flavor I would say. There are several songs I absolutely LOVE… and a couple I would do differently now. So in my opinion, it’s a mixed bag. When it came out there was a big publicity plan around it, and I couldn’t do it because I had contracted encephalitis in Florida at the time of release.. I was in intensive care with brain swelling and blood clots during those months…That’s a gory story I’ll spare you…But at the time of this release, Windham Hill spent a whole bunch of marketing dollars on the “Celtic” collection, and somehow my album got swept up and benefited from the exposure. I would have to say now its my least favorite of the records I have made, but maybe I should listen again, it’s been a long time since I heard it. I am always too hard on myself. Every album is just a snapshot in time, and it was indeed an exciting time.