Celtic Zen


celtic zen

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Exotic flavors of the far east. Lisa’s harp guests on Levi Chen’s album of Chinese zither, ethereal guitar, cymbalom and exotic strings. 76 min. (1997)

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03. Reunity
04. The Wind, the Wolf & the Wild
06. Eros, A Rose: Venus
08. Suite:Birds of Fire
10. Baskali
11. She Moved Through the Aire
12. Animaginal I, II, III
15. Knot Zen
16. Melancholy’s Passion
17. Divinity
18. Black Rock Concierto

This album is what happens when a bunch of unique and talented hippies come in and take over your living room for five days. We all play these glorious sounding instruments, so no matter what we do, it sounds really cool. This record isn’t really a project I would take credit or blame for.. I was an innocent participant in some sort of music party that ended up a record. I made my house available, and served snacks. These two guys and their entourage blew in from San Francisco and slept on the floor between nocturnal recording sessions. In other words we just jammed out on our pretty chord changes. I personally was wishing it was more focused and organized, but I had to let go and flow with the “cosmic vibes.” The result is actually quite enchanting, in a background music sort of way. It has clear influences of the far east, my harp is the anchoring factor, and the incredible hammer dulcimer stylings of world renowned street performer Michael Masley causes waterfalls of flowery notes and lines that fall all over each other. Levi Chen is really the featured artist on this record, he plays dreamy electric guitar and Chinese zither at the same time, he and his people put it all together. This record sold a ton for Levi and I it was featured in many New Age gift shops around the country, so it did well for him. I like this record…… In a purple swirly sort of way.

Here is a TV performance we did when the record came out.