Celestial Winds

celestial winds 1
oceans of love
Christmas morning
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These records I can speak for all at once, since they are kind of a set. The Celestial Winds series are kind of like the pictures you drew when you were little. A snap shot in time, during a very potent time when I was just starting street performing. It was an exciting time when everything was cassettes and CDs were just beginning. The music is sweet and innocent as was the era. It was the first big wave of “new age” music and we were on the forefront of the movement and had a big ride. We ended up part of the world renowned Buskers International Festival in Nova Scotia and a chance spot on TV sent our album to #2 on the Canadian Indie Music charts and opened doors for mass distribution throughout the U.S. (video from CNN)

It’s hard for me to be subjective about them, because many years have passed (these were done in the very early 90’s), everyone grows as an artist by leaps and bounds. But they are very special in their own way. “Celestial Winds 1,” was our first cassette and we hand colored each one before selling them from a basket on Venice Beach. It is a lesser evolved version of “Love and Peace” it has my harp, and the flutes are recorders played by a guy named David Young that I played in a duo with for about two years. “Oceans of Love” is really cute too, my only regret was the version of “Light my Fire” which I I thought was cheesy but I was talked into. It’s a nice mellow new-agey style record. “Christmas Morning” is the earlier version of what I did later as “Silent Night” with much better audio quality (and flutes by George).

These recordings are still available because early listeners got very attached to them all those years ago and often are looking to replace old and worn copies. They are also valuable to collectors. I am almost out of them all so they will be collectors items soon. There are still some cassettes available too.

Celestial Winds 1
01. Pure Love
02. After The Storm
03. Serenade
04. Lavender Sky
05. Solitude
06. Emanuel
07. I’ve Been Searching
08. Quiet Heart
09. Serenity Road
10. Dove Song
11. Greensleeves
12. Once Upon A Time
13. Scarborough Faire
14. Imagine

Oceans Of Love
01. Oceans Of Love (5:28)
02. Step By Step (3:41)
03. Light My Fire (2:52)
04. Something Beautiful (4:11)
05. Best Friends (5:04)
06. Guardians Of The Sky (5:40)
07. Feels Like Rain (5:25)
08. Spirit Dance (5:53)
09. Once Upon A Time (5:41)
10. Love Letter (4:25)
11. Winds Of Peace (5:20)

Christmas Morning
01. God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
02. What Child Is This
03. Do You Hear What I Hear
04. O Holy Night
05. The Little Drummer Boy
06. Silent Night
07. Carol Of The Bells
08. Angels We Have Heard On High
09. Spirit Dance
10. Joy To The World
11. Amazing Grace
12. Jenny Bells
13. O Little Town Of Bethlehem