Book – Music for a Peaceful Heart – Volume Two

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Music for a Peaceful Heart Volume 2
Sheet Music Book w/DVD

Front cover Music for a Peaceful Heart Volume 2vol 2 sampleHarp hands

As Ye Lay Sleeping
A Bountiful Life
Dreaming Tree
Earth & Sky
A Fond Wish
Maiden’s Prayer
Quiet Heart
Reach for the Sun
Road to Kaylee
Spirit Dance
Starkness of Winter
Walk with Me

A note from Lisa…
After now ten years, I thought it time to release a second collection of original music. In the past, it has been a challenge for me to have the pieces notated accurately, as I have been a self‐taught harper and have relied on my abilities to improvise my music and therefore, I rarely play a piece the same way twice, even when recording.
What I hope is that this music will serve as a base of inspiration, where the melody will transcend and you will take it in as your own, and adapt it to your particular style and patterns. I hope the pieces will inspire some improvisation within the chord changes, and will bring some fun pieces to perform and share as part of your repertoire.
I was very lucky to engage the expert transcribing skills and wisdom of my colleague and well known harper/teacher and performer in her own right, Verlene Schermer. We decided that the best way to accurately transcribe the music would be if she were able to see my hands in action, so I recorded a video of each piece for her with the camera close up on my hands. This way she could see which notes were played by which hand. These videos were so helpful, that Verlene suggested I release them along with the book in hopes they will be as helpful in learning to play these tunes. If I would have known this would have, I might have done it a bit differently, but what can you do? It’s there and its note for note with the transcriptions. I could never re-do it and have it match up like that.
As a self‐taught harper, I started by playing along with vinyl records of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin (I was at the time a heavy metal bass player with an affinity for ancient instruments). It was a long time before I found the folk harp world and all the technique instruction it has to offer. I found my way around the instrument with ways not always in line with traditional teachings. I would not want you to pay much attention to my actual technique (or lack of it) on the video version. Please defer to your teacher for guidance with hand position and correct fingering techniques to best serve the music and your style. I hope you have fun with this, and that the music brings you as much pleasure as I have had sharing it.
A note from Verlene…
In transcribing music, there is always the question of how broad or narrow a transcription would be appropriate. With a lead sheet and chords being the most broad transcription, and every note played in both hands, with all the fingering, dynamics, and expression markings the most narrow, we decided to go with something in between.
Lisa’s fluid style includes making use of her right hand to add fills and extend the patterns set up by the left hand. These notes are not part of the melody, but add so much to these beautiful arrangements, that we wanted to include them rather than simplify and keep only the melody in the top staff. We also chose not to complicate the treble staff by using two voices to indicate melody and fills.
The notes transcribed are what Lisa played in the video that is available for those who would like to hear and see what she played. I highly recommend getting this DVD so that you can listen to the dynamics, which will help you to understand which notes are the melody and which should be played lightly as fills.
We chose not to clutter the music with brackets to indicate placing, but one of Lisa’s left hand patterns that appears in several of the pieces is worth a mention here: the use of anticipating the next chord with the octave above the root on the eighth note before the bar. The phrasing will work best by grouping it with the next chord, playing that last eighth note lightly with your thumb rather than fingering it as if a part of the measure it is in.  We also chose to keep the page turns to a minimum, and have used repeats in a few pieces where Lisa’s variations are not significantly different. I thoroughly enjoyed transcribing Lisa’s beautiful compositions and am certain that you will enjoy playing them!

Transcribed and Edited by Verlene Schermer

Cover Artwork ‐ Katlyn Breen
All songs written by Lisa Lynne