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Medicine Wind
George Tortorelli is a master bamboo flute designer and player. He has been a multi-instrumentalist since the age of 12. Being raised in a musical family he had access to many instruments, and went on to perform in rock bands throughout south Florida. Before long he became aware of the mind and body stress from the rock and roll lifestyle, he longed for simpler pastures and retreated to the forests of north Florida. With a collection of rare and exotic instruments, it was there in the beauty and silence that the purest harmonies of nature came through him. He discovered and nurtured an abundance of bamboo on his land, and commenced expanding his growing flute collection with flutes of his own design. His music and concerts were so loved by surrounding communities that he became known as "Medicine Wind" for the healing sound qualities of his peaceful gatherings. He started his own company called Medicine Wind, and commenced a successful recording career and custom flute design for fine arts festivals.
It was at such a festival that Lisa Lynne and George Tortorelli met. After an exchange of albums, it became apparent that their musical styles were very much of kindred spirit...The Celtic Harp and Bamboo flutes are two of the most ancient and heartwarming instruments. Since February of 1997, they have been spellbinding audiences with their magical and endearing sound. They have been performing non-stop thought the country, including the "Windham Hill Winter Solstice Concert" series this past winter. They are currently in high demand at the finest art exhibits and peace gatherings across the country. They have recorded two independent albums together, "Love & Peace" and "Fairie Tales" and George's flutes continue to be an integral part on Lisa Lynne's Windham Hill releases. You can count on hearing much more from this enchanting duo and their heaven sent sound.


George's bamboo forest -
where he makes his flutes

Rites of Passage 
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